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Getting The Most Value From Sydney Promotional Products

Promotional Products at Sydney trade shows and Expos have become extremely popular. Though similar in some regards, Trade Shows and Expos have some major differences. By determining the crowd and atmosphere that will be present at either of these events and building the proper strategy, any business can capitalise on building a strong presence at any event.

Trade Shows are more exclusive than Expos in terms of attendance. They are usually closed to the general public, but they are an incredible opportunity to advertise to the press as well as representatives of various Sydney companies. These events are typically focused on presenting their attendees with new types services and products. Though these new products may be the highlight of the show, but an event with so many large clients can be an effective environment to advertise. There are all sorts of Trade Shows for a large variety of industries, all with big clients looking to be impressed. For a technology Trade Show, flashy, high tech advertising and merchandise will be a great fit. Businesses can offer logo printed USB drives, branded screen cleaners and custom labelled headphones to fit the theme of all the gadgets on display. An event in Sydney that focuses on the kitchenware industry would vibe nicely with complimentary measuring cup sets, spatulas and aprons, all custom printed to promote a brand or business. An Auto event could certainly use some windshield scrapers, emergency supply kits and spare gas containers.  

Expo simply means large exhibition, though the term has come to mean a bit more than that. Expos are large events that are usually open to the general public, and through the years they have become widely known as a stage to present new ideas and technologies, as well as entertainment and knowledge. A Trade Show can technically be an Expo, but most Expos are open to the public and have a slightly less business vibe than a Trade Show. An Expo is the perfect event for small, branded merchandise to be given out by the handful. Items like lip balms, key chains flash lights and even business cards can be distributed throughout dense crowds of potential customers. Even better, if a business were to hire professional models to give out merchandise, they can help make sure the attendee will take and remember the promotional product. Much like Trade shows, these events can cover a variety of industries from architecture to golf, so it’s important to choose merchandise that will fit the theme of the overall event.

Since Sydney Trade Shows cater to exclusive guests, they are the perfect opportunity to promote to big customers. Since Expos see large groups of people, they are a great opportunity to hand out large quantities of smaller merchandise such as promotional pens and key chains. Though these types of events certainly have their similarities, even small differences can mean the difference between effective advertising and wasted money.